Boutique Pet Bakery

Made with Love. Human Approved. Dog Obsessed.

While we’d love to share our yummy treats with dogs across the world, shipping is limited to TX, CA, CO, GA, LA and WA for now.

We love what we do. Our pet kids are our family.

At Tarts & Tails, we treat our furry friends like family. Our unique treats are made with ingredients that are of the highest nutritional value, supported by the ASPCA, AKC and AAFCO and importantly that are tasty and fun. The simple ingredients in our products are all edible for humans, and many are sourced locally in Texas. Distinctive to Tarts & Tails, several of our treats can be customized to fit the often-sensitive flavor preferences and health needs of your furry friend.

Our treats are made in our small commercial kitchen space outside of Dallas, Texas. Our treats are made in small batches and packaged by hand to ensure the freshest product possible. Your purchase will arrive in a resealable container to prolong your pet’s enjoyment of our product!

no preservatives, healthy organic dog treats

No Preservatives

no gmos, health organic dog treats

No GMOs.

no artificial colors, healthy organic dog treats

No artificial coloring.

healthy organic dog treats, homemade dog treats

No artificial anything.

healthy dog treats

Healthy Treats for All Your Furry Pals

healthy dog treats for small dogs

Smaller Treats for Petite Pooches

Gotcha Day / pet adoption celebrations

Our treats are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, Gotcha Days/adoptions, and other celebrations! Ask us about our Party Packages.

rayna, homemade dog treats, black owned business

Giving Back

At Tarts & Tails, we’re all about spreading the love! Our pawsome owner and the whole Tarts & Tails family believe in paying it forward. So, for every purchase you make, we’ll wag our tails and donate a bag of biscuits to a local non-profit animal shelter or program. It’s our way of sharing the biscuit-y goodness with our furry friends in need!

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