Our Story

Tarts & Tails is a boutique online pet bakery borne from an idea I had to make healthy and delicious treats for my aging dog, Jasmine.

Jasmine, who I affectionately called “Granny,” was my 18-year-old poodle mix. She “adopted” me when she was just a small pup. She was small but packed with energy and personality.

In 2013, when she was diagnosed with kidney failure and digestive issues, I was not only determined to ensure her quality of life, but I also became dedicated to her nutrition and treats being top notch!

Together with her veterinarian, I began to research ingredients that were suitable for her health needs. I discovered quickly that the mass produced, big store treats were expensive and laden with preservatives and ingredients of no nutritional value.

jasmine, homemade dog treats, black owned business
roux and ellie's homemade dog treats

Later that year, I began creating my own homemade treats for her in my home kitchen in Texas. I spent time experimenting with flavor profiles, shapes, and textures. My goal was simple — make nutritious treats that were tasty, budget-friendly, and fun for pet parents! They also had to be easily digestible for sensitive stomachs and healthy enough to eat on a regular basis.

Amazingly, Jasmine would go on to live five more health-filled years following her terminal diagnosis. I have no doubt that focusing on her diet extended her life and improved the quality of it significantly.

Jasmine’s little sister Roux, a 65-pound bundle of furry joy, has carried on the role of master taste-tester, and the newest addition, Elliot (Ellie) is undoubtedly the team cheerleader!

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Thank you for visiting my small business! The best businesses start out as a passion, and Tarts & Tails has been my labor of love for several years. My goal is to create treats that are healthy and simple, and I’m incredibly proud and humbled to share my homemade treats with your fur-baby.

All the best,