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Tarts & Tails is not your ordinary pet bakery. It’s the brainchild of a pet parent who wanted to whip up healthy and lip-smacking treats for her precious pooch, Jasmine (aka Granny). Jasmine was a feisty 18-year-old poodle mix, who had adopted her hooman mom as a tiny pup. When Jasmine was diagnosed with heart and kidney issues along with tummy troubles in 2013, her mom went on a mission to give her the best quality of life possible.

Together with her trusted vet, they dug deep and researched the finest ingredients that would suit Jasmine’s health needs. What they found out next was shocking! Most store-bought treats were packed with yucky preservatives and added ingredients that gave no nutritional value. So, our pet-loving entrepreneur decided to create her own boutique bakery, where every furry friend could munch on healthy and delicious treats.

jasmine, homemade dog treats, black owned business
roux and ellie's homemade dog treats

After receiving the heartbreaking news of Jasmine’s terminal condition, Rayna took matters into her own hands and started making homemade treats in her kitchen in Texas. She was determined to create treats that were healthy, scrumptious, and wouldn’t break the bank! Plus, they had to be gentle on Jasmine’s tummy and good enough to munch on every day.

Jasmine’s newfound diet worked wonders, and she lived five more happy and healthy years! Upon her passing, Jasmine’s little sister Roux, a 65-pound ball of fluff, took over the role of chief taste-tester and now, the newest addition, Elliot (aka Ellie, Demon Dog) has stepped in for photo bombing and happy barks!

roux and ellie's homemade dog treats

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Thank you for visiting my small business! The best businesses start out as a passion, and Tarts & Tails has been my labor of love for several years. My goal is to create treats that are healthy and simple, and I’m incredibly proud and humbled to share my homemade treats with your fur-baby.

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